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"#NaijaCryptoCanvas : The Nigerian Artistic Surge"


Welcome to "#NaijaCryptoCanvas : The Nigerian Artistic Surge"!

#NaijaCryptoCanvas is a celebration of Nigerian talent in the digital age. Created by Arnaud "PaulVerlaine.eth/.tez" Chavanne, #NaijaCryptoCanvas stands as a beacon of artistic diversity and universality. No medium or technique is given preference, allowing collectors to explore and appreciate the expanse of both Nigerian traditional and digital art, all under one roof.

Conceived and curated by a collector for collectors, the focus here is on authenticity within a "Phygital" approach. #NaijaCryptoCanvas is indeed an innovative experiment in blending the physical and digital realms of art. It provides a unique opportunity for the buyer of a NFT artwork, conceived as a full-fledged asset, to be gifted the underlying physical work or a high-quality signed print if the NFT Artwork is of a digital nature. You buy the NFT? You get the underlying asset delivered for FREE at your doorstep! This 'phygital' experience culminates in the total ownership of an artwork, bridging the gap between the traditional and the crypto-art worlds.

But beyond this, #NaijaCryptoCanvas is the launchpad for a movement aimed at highlighting the vibrant talent of this wonderful country, Nigeria. Starting with 50 artists, this movement is undoubtedly set for significant growth.

Join us in celebrating the new Nigerian art scene and discover an hybrid way to collect by participating in the "Naija Crypto-Canvas: The Nigerian Artistic Surge" digital auction. Be part of this new paradigm and own a digital and physical piece of Nigeria's artistic legacy.

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