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The "Phygital" approach : What's in a name?

#NaijaCryptoCanvas is an innovative experiment in blending the physical and digital realms of art. It provides a unique opportunity for the buyer of a NFT artwork, conceived as a full-fledged asset, to also be gifted for FREE by the artist the underlying physical work or a high-quality signed print if the NFT Artwork is of a digital nature. Wherever you are in the world, the physical will be at your doorstep for free!

You won an auction?

Congratulations! Here is what you get!

The NFT Artwork
The NFT artwork in a unique format.

The physical Artwork
At your doorstep. Frame, taxes & duties not included (terms of services)

Delivered by us for the NFT,
Delivered directly by the artist for the physical

Exemple 3.JPG

Collector's content
The original digital file (without NCC formatting) and more

Bandeau NAIJA #3
Tablette PC

your Art, wherever you want, however you want

Hammer Auction

The Auction is now live!

Experiment a hybrid way of collecting fine Art!

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